An exclusive Peninsula formation

V embanad House is a bungalow surrounded by the vast Vembanad lake on all three sides. Behind the house, there are paddy fields and natural tropical gardens,charming villages and beautiful old temples.From the sit out in front of the house you will have a breathtaking view of the lake spread out in all its glory.

Our Location


M uhamma is a small village on the bank of Vembanad Lake, in Alappuzha District in Kerala. You can Spot Pathiramanal island in the middle of the Lake.

It s simple village with people from all walks of life and all communities who lead a harmonious life here. Fishing ,clam collecting and processing clam shells,coir making and farming are the major occupations of the villagers .From Vembanad House you can see the day to day activities of fisherman. In Muhamma you can see lots of small temples, you can hear the chanting of mantras from temples and see the smiling villagers and children.

A Warm Welcome….

A stay at Vembanad House will give you a taste of heaven, for this place is indeed an exquisite Piece of property in God’s own country..Kerala . Besides providing you with an utterly comfortable stay, it will give you a chance to go through the beauty, the authentic Kerala lifestyle, ethnic food and of course the natural Kerala village life. It is indeed a special place and a perfect holiday spot.

The house itself is eight decades old and a typical traditional house built as per ancient Kerala architecture. It has been renovated time and again over the years but its essence has been kept intact.

The Vembanad Green Earth Initiation

Is a social initiative from Vembanad House. Its main focus and purpose is Sustainable Development. Responsible Tourism that can support the preservation of wet lands, bio-diversity and the development of communities around is the main focus

The lake itself is one of the largest Kol or wetlands systems in Kerala, and is an estuarine system . It is a complex aquatic system of 95km long coastal backwaters which includes lagoons, mangroves estuaries sand banks,marshes, and reclaimed lands,with intricate network of natural channels and man-made canals extending from Kuttanad in the south to the the kol lands of Trissur in the north.The total area of the wetland system is 1521.5 –approximately 4% of the states geographic area.Vembanad is renowned for its clam resources and sub-fossil deposits. It has a high biological diversity, produces hydrological and ecological services, and supports the livelihood of the local population.

Fauna of the region requires special mention and during the winter months its supports the third largest population of more than 20000 water fowls. It is also a habitat for a wide variety of birdsand sea animals.