Kerala is one of the most sought after tourist destinations, the world over. Its charming holiday spots- beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, backwaters, hill stations are all close to one another, It is an advanced state with literacy rates as high as 90%. It is a perfect example of three different religions living side by side in pefect harmony.


Backwaters are centuries old and refer to the network of many rivers, canal and natural water bodies crisscrossing the narrow coastal belt of Kerala. They are a unique feature and the pride of Kerala because of the vibrant community life along the banks, alive with its own culture.

And it is here that lies the jewel in the crown of Kerala- Vembanad House!

Here luxury is the Quality of experience.

Vembanad Lake

V embanad lake is a complex aquatic systems of 96km long costal backwaters ,lagoons,marshes,mangroves,and reclaimed lands,with intricate network of natural channels and man-made canals extending from Kuttanad in the south to the the kol lands of Thrissur in the north.The total area of the wetland system is 1521.5 –approximately 4% of the states geographic area.area. Vembanad is renowned for its clam resources and sub-fossile deposits.The avifauna of this area Requires special mention.During the winter months,the Vembanad supports the Third largest population of more than 20000 water fowls in india. The Vembanad kol backwaters with its extensive network of rivers,lakes,canals,and lagoons,fringed by lush green coconut groves and paddy fields ,harbouring a Variety of birds,is one of the most attractive back water system in the world. Vembanad is a treasure trove for ornithologist and bird lovers because of its Rich avifauna.